Plesk University

Reach your full potential

Designed with your needs in mind, Plesk certification courses will guide you from being a novice to becoming an expert. Our comprehensive training courses will help you get most out of key features of Plesk, and help you build, secure and run your websites, applications and businesses.


Relevant knowledge
Courses are built with real-life scenarios, best practices, and use cases in mind.

Interactive and immersive courses
Engaging and varied activities guide you through the learning experience, allowing you to get a hands-on experience in a safe learning environment.

Choose your level
Learn the basics, become a professional, or study at the expert level.

Learn at your own pace
At home, at the office, or on the go – learn Plesk. Courses consist of 15-20 minute modules, which you can pause and resume at any time.


Challenging exams
After each milestone, you can take a challenging scenario-based Plesk certification exam.

Secure online testing
All exams are passed with a remote proctor, ensuring exam integrity and adding value to the certificate.

Prove your expertise
Set yourself apart from your peers. Print your certificate or share it online.


Stop relying on support
Using the knowledge you acquire through Plesk University, you can solve technical issues yourself.

Avoid common mistakes
Using best practices, you can avoid common mistakes and make your Plesk experience smoother.

Increase customer retention
Make your customers happy by avoiding common problems and quickly solving technical issues.

With a Plesk University certificates confirming your expertise, you will have a better chance of getting a new job or a well-deserved pay raise.

Our courses and exams

We strongly believe that sharing our extensive knowledge about Plesk will benefit everyone. That is why access to all courses and exams in Plesk University is free.

Plesk Obsidian

– Build Managed WordPress
– Enroll into Partner Program
– Sell

Plesk Obsidian

– Installation
– Security
– Provisioning
– Backup & Restore

Plesk Obsidian

– Update
– Troubleshooting

Plesk Premium Email

– Installation
– Configuration
– How to use?
– Troubleshooting

course repair kit

Repair Kit

– Fix Plesk interface access issues
– Troubleshoot resource consumption
– Repair services’ configuration

Plesk Course WordPress Toolkit

WP Toolkit

– Deploy
– Import
– Security and updates
– Staging and production
– Plugin and theme packs
– Auto-provisioning

SEO Toolkit

– Improve SEO
– Track rankings
– Compare with competition

New! Get your Plesky Digital Badges too

We now issue digital badges for each exam you pass. They’re easily verified in real-time.
Enjoy this simple and trusted way to share your skills and achievements online.

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360Monitoring webinar Plesk

Complete site & server monitoring at your fingertips

Keeping tracking of your sites & servers is vital for success. We offer a solution that provides power and usability in a single platform.