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Sitejet Builder


Sitejet Builder

Sitejet’s cutting-edge website builder for Plesk powered by WebPros allows users to easily create modern and beautiful websites – without using any code. Here are some of the builder’s features that make website design hassle-free:

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
    Create beautiful websites on an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. It’s super easy to add or move elements on the website.
  • 140+ Website Templates
    Users can choose from one of 140+ responsive templates to get started or start from scratch.
  • 120+ Section Templates
    The editor offers over 120 prebuilt responsive structures and variants to save valuable time when designing a website.
  • Low-code/no-code Editor
    Users don’t need to use code to customize websites to their needs since a lot of changes can be done directly in the settings panel.
  • WYSIWYG on-page editing
    Updates on the page can be made quickly without a line of code with the easy-to-use visual editor.
  • Responsive Settings (Flexbox)
    Every template displays perfectly on every device – from desktops to mobile – and is fully customizable.
  • SEO Settings
    SEO-friendly code and full access to advanced SEO settings ensure best results, along with built-in image compression, code minimization, and lazy loading.
  • Dynamic Content (e.g. Blog Feature)
    With the integrated Collections Feature users can quickly and easily create up-to-date, dynamic content like blog posts, product listings, and more.
  • Multi-language websites
    All sites allow for support in multiple languages, including SEO friendly URLs.
  • Free Stock Photos & Videos
    Users can enhance the look of their website with professional images and videos provided through a Pexel’s integration.
  • Image Editing
    Cropping, resizing, and adjusting images can be done directly inside the editor before integrating them into the design.
  • Website Backups
    The editor automatically creates a backup every 5-10 min depending on the activity in the website builder, but users can also create and name specific backups.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    The editor has dozens of intuitive built-in keyboard shortcuts that save minutes or even hours off each design.
  • Global contact data with data bindings
    With global contact data management it’s easy to maintain and to update contact information across the site – headers, footers, “Contact Us” page – can be done with the click of a button.
  • Corporate Identity Detection
    Uploading a logo will automatically show recommendations for an on-brand color scheme which can directly be applied on the website.
  • Website Import
    With the website import, users can pull text, images, and other assets from an existing website into the builder with one click.
  • File Transfer and Management
    Quickly exchange files in our intuitive and easy- to-use transfer interface.
  • Full Design Flexibility (HTML, CSS, JS)
    If users want to add code they have full access to HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript through convenient, Emmet-ready editors.


To enable Sitejet Builder, perform the following steps:

  • Update to the latest version of Plesk
  • Go to Service Plans and activate “Access to Sitejet Builder” under Permissions
  • If you want to whitelabel Sitejet Builder, rename it in the panel.ini file

How to create a Sitejet website for a domain

Once enabled, the Sitejet Builder is available in the setup wizard when adding a new domain, but also visible for all other domains in the domain “Dashboard” -> ”Create Site”.


This extension is provided for Free.

Plesk uses LiveChat system (3rd party).

By proceeding below, I hereby agree to use LiveChat as an external third party technology. This may involve a transfer of my personal data (e.g. IP Address) to third parties in- or outside of Europe. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Install Sitejet Builder extension

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